The Future Of Retail

Live Video Shopping

Boost online sales with your own brand narrative
and get full control over customer and transaction data.

Next generation live video solutions

The Future is now Live.

Live Video Shopping

Asking questions, chatting with other viewers, see products live and discover details and get advice unique promotions will make “add to cart” easier than ever before for your customers.

  • +Up to 20% of viewers add items to the shopping cart
  • +Viewers stay for an average of 11.5 minutes
  • +Up to 15% of viewers engage in the live chat
  • +Keeps the transaction and customer data on your website

Boost online sales with Live Video Shopping

Up to 400% increase in add-to-cart rate

Take the leap into the future of retail and interact with your audience the way they interact with each other. Blend offline and online in an engaging and entertaining shopping experience!


What’s in the box?

Built on world renowned proprietary streaming technology, Live Video Shopping is an end-to-end solution that enables mobile live streaming directly on retailer websites. Product Highlights 👟 Immediate conversion. Promote your products and have your audience add-to-cart without leaving the stream. “With the foundational belief that clients are looking for experiences rather than just products, we …

Live video made easy…

As easy as one, two, three to add to Any Site!

1) Start a live stream
Integrate our Broadcast System in your website or your own app and start a live shopping attendant.

2) Catch the webhook
Get notified when a stream is started via webhooks and push notices.

3) Start a Shopping player
Integrate or customize Shopping Player features in your own app or on your website.

Start Live Shopping streaming in minutes

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